Contemporary Steps

Concrete Steps and Landings

Finished steps with landscape completed

Concrete Walkway Heated

Of all of our concrete work, our architectural concrete finishes are the most in-demand by our customers. Since this project was a departure from the traditional stairway and landing front entry for a home, we thought it would be interesting to share it with you. These project has steel piles and is a heated slab.

Following the construction of the planter walls, the concrete walks and concrete landings were constructed. Engineers chose steel piles over concrete because soil testing suggested that the ground was too soft to build on without additional support. Steel piles six feet in length were used to support the concrete stairs and landings.

Concrete steps in the middle of forming
Front Stairs ready for insulation

Concrete Stairs

Elegant Concrete Design

Insulation was installed for the  concrete stairs and landings, they were to be heated with a glycol in-slab heating system. To handle point loads above the piles, the concrete was thickened to six inches, transforming the design into a structural slab. Additionally, the stair risers had boxes added as well.
After the concrete was poured, it was sandblasted. Architectural finish (affectionately referred to as light sandblast architectural finish or architectural finish) is a generic name for this popular treatment. Typically, concrete architectural finishes are a typical grey colour with a rough surface.

Concrete Stairs newly poured
Delta Concrete Steps just poured
Finished steps with landscape completed

As you can see, this simple, clean, and appealing finish is an excellent choice for modern-style concrete projects. If you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, please give us a call away to explore how we can help you with your modern concrete projects.