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Exposed aggregate front walkway with steps

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We are a leaders in Architectural Concrete Contracting in Delta, with 25+ years experience. We take great satisfaction in creating high quality concrete projects.

Concrete Patios

Decorative concrete, such as architectural light washes, California broom finishes, and, of course, stamped concrete, are often used to finish concrete patios. Multi-color texture stamped concrete is the most popular decorative concrete finish. Stamping the surface with Italian slate, rough stone, blue stone, caesar stone, or any other desired texture, then custom cutting to the necessary sizes. Then we design a pattern and, in some circumstances, grout it for further realism.

Concrete Patio newly sealed and landscaped in Delta

When approaching a home, the first thing you notice is the concrete driveway. Additionally, it is often the largest concrete element on a property. With that stated, our highly experienced crew will partner with you to develop an original, one-of-a-kind, customized decorative concrete driveway to not over power your entrance. The design possibilities are almost endless, ranging from the most simple to the most complex. Simpler driveways may have a broom finish or be smooth and uncolored, with few cut marks and straight edges. Complex designs may incorporate a coloured stamped concrete border separating light sandblasted parts into panels with curving edges.

Decorative driveway with lightly blasted borders

Concrete Walls

Concrete walls can be created in a variety of shapes and sizes, including retaining walls, home foundation walls, planter walls, and architectural walls. Our crew is highly trained as concrete specialists in the preparation, building, and pouring of concrete walls. Concrete wall construction always starts with excavation and building of concrete footings, which serve as a stable and structurally sound basis for the walls. When architectural concrete walls are required, we employ a higher-quality material that results in a paper-smooth surface, which is the most popular finish. Additionally, architectural walls may have a variety of finishes and patterns, including light sandblast, board plank (Wood pattern), chamfered edges with rustifications, and chamfered edges with rustifications. No wall is too small, too wide, or too intricate for our highly qualified team.

Concrete Steps Delta

Concrete stairs, structural steps, floating concrete steps, and landscape steps are all used in numerous houses. We can provide you with the needed concrete stair construction. We provide stair nosing, customized forms, and a variety of finishes in a variety of colours to enable you to design each stair to your specifications.
Concrete stairs are the most costly component of any concrete project, and we have the experience and expertise necessary to reliably provide high-quality staircases. Our Architectural Concrete Stairs are custom-made for customers seeking timeless concrete designs such as our structural floating steps.

Concrete Removal

The initial step of a new concrete project is often the demolition and removal of old concrete. Before new concrete can be placed, an old driveway, patio, or concrete walkway must often be removed. We handle the whole process, from breaking and removing concrete to properly disposing of it in an ecologically and economically responsible manner for you, the client.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete Finishes

stamped concrete steps with stamped nosings

Stamped concrete patios and stamped concrete driveways are created by imprinting textures and patterns onto wet concrete using a method known as stamping concrete. A wide variety of designs and colours are available for you to pick from, ensuring that each project is unique. Stamped concrete is the most popular decorative concrete finish in the concrete industry. The price is decided by the size, style, and design. The least costly employ primarily huge textured sections and no colour, with minimal saw cuts, while the most expensive employ a variety of colours, borders, patterns, and grouting to achieve the greatest amount of realism.  All approaches are tailored to the individual’s preferences and budget restrictions, there are no incorrect or right answers when creating art.

Our projects page includes information on stamped concrete and a variety of other projects. Click the icon for further information.

From beginning to conclusion, detailed images and information about the process of this and other works are provided in our projects sections.

Our Concrete Services Continued

Acid Etched

aesthetics and traction are often used in conjunction with light profiles created on a flat concrete surface.

Acid Staining

The concrete surface is coloured with acid stains of various colours. Customers looking for a red, brown, tan, or mahogany colour will most likely be pleased with this kind of colouring.

Broom Finish Concrete

One of the most popular exterior finishes we provide. A light brush is used for the last finishing step on air entrained concrete.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertops are poured on-site and come in a variety of colours. Surfaces may be seeded with aggregate and subsequently ground. For further protection, a penetrating sealer may be applied.

Concrete Demolition

To provide room for the new concrete, the old concrete needs to be demolished and replaced. Concrete driveways, patios, and much more may be broken up and removed by us. We have all the appropriate demo equipment.

Concrete Finishing

No issue if you only need finishing. Yes, we can. We offer low rates and excellent finishers.

Concrete Forming

We normally complete what we form, but if all you need is just the forming, we can do it too. Best Preppers in the business.

Concrete Grinding

Grinding discs of varying grits are used to grind concrete. This finish is quite popular for countertops. Furthermore, we grind walls and flatwork.

Concrete Repairs

Occasionally, concrete may be repaired. Expensive structural concrete and walls are excellent choices. Generally, smooth surfaces and driveways are not. Let us evaluate which choice is the best.

Smooth concrete steps with mulch beds

Excavation Services

While concrete is our specialty, if you just want Excavation, give us a call. We provide mini equipment for jobs with limited access.

Garage Slabs

Excavation, gravel foundation preparation, formwork, rebar placement, and concrete placement and finishing are all part of what you get with our full prep services. Insulation must be put in when heated slabs are needed. A power trowel finish is available if you would like it.

Modern front entrance made of concrete

Landscape Construction

We provide a variety of landscape construction services. We take care of everything from the early design stage through the final planting of seasonal flowers.

Landscape Design

We are able to provide landscape design services because of our relationships with amazing designers and architects.

Mini Excavation

We provide small excavators and compact equipment for those difficult-to-access excavation operations.

Concrete steps with planter and green plants

Pool Decks

Concrete pool decks are often finished with one of our artistic or architectural concrete textures. Beautiful and Safe concrete surfaces are the key. 

Repairs Concrete

We Can repair concrete. Please contact us with your needs and we will get back to you with the best avenue for dealing with the issue.

Sealing Concrete

When it comes to concrete projects, we apply the appropriate kind of sealant. Acrylic sealers are the most often used kind of sealer, followed by penetrating sealers. Concrete sealing solutions are available for a variety of applications, including driveways, patios, walkways, and stairways.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete is the most popular concrete finish for decorative concrete check out our projects section for stamped jobs up close.

Structural Concrete

Concrete structural slabs, including shoring engineering for concrete structural slabs. Installation of rebar, as well as concrete placement and pouring, is also provided.


Trenching, Gas and electrical lines often need to be run under concrete, and we can excavate and backfill the area to accelerate the process. Concrete services are provided in combination with or in substitute of trenching and excavation.

Stamped Patio with stamped concrete border


One of the most often requested services is the construction of concrete walls. Walls are available in a range of heights, widths, and architectural components. We have the ability to dig,  Form, place, and finish, as well as create an appropriate drainage system and backfill.

Delta Concrete Constructors

Beautiful front entrance with many flowers

We are always striving to provide projects of the best quality on time and within budget. We provide residential and commercial concrete contracting services. Whether you’re constructing a new house or renovating an existing one, contact us now to work with the best concrete contractors in Delta.